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Server Rules RUST-DAYS # 1 PVE

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1. General 

1.1. Do not use third-party mods / cheats / scripts / programs that disrupt the stable operation of the server and give a player advantages over other players. (ban indefinitely or imprison)
1.2. Do not abuse players and server administration. (ban from 2 days or imprison, or permanent)
1.3. Do not spam or flood in game chat. (kick from the server, ban from 6 hours or imprison)
1.4. Do not use profanity in the game chat. (kick from the server, ban from 2 hours or imprison)
1.5. Do not advertise third-party resources or projects. (ban indefinitely or imprison)
1.6. No racism, nationalism, Nazism, and others. (ban from 2 days or imprison)
1.7. Do not use game or server bugs to give a player advantages over other players. (ban from 2 days or imprison)
Better to inform the Server Administration.
1.8. Do not distribute the wrong information about the activities of the Server Administration. (ban from 3 days or imprison)
1.9. Do not use the Caps Lock key all the time. (Imprison from 6 hours)
1.10. You can use only understandable nicknames so that any player can contact you. (changing the nickname to a random one)

2. Actions

2.1. Do not build up rivers. Any player should be able to walk on water transport. (destruction of a building)
2.2. Do not go to sleep near the player's building so as not to disturb him during building. (the player will be killed or imprisoned)
2.3. Do not set traps (auto turrets, fire turrets, shotgun traps, SAM, wooden tomes, mines, traps, tesla coil) outside (including unloaded ones) that can kill players passing by. Do not set traps near doors, which, when "opened", can kill passers-by. Traps can only be set in the home or on a fully fenced area on a foundation. (removal traps, ban from 6 hours or imprison)
An exception: if the doors are open, but there are signs "private property", " no trespassing", etc.
2.3.1. Do not place SAM above the foundation. On our server, SAM serves only to protect your property from robbery, as well as traps. (removal SAM or imprison)
2.3.2. Do not steal from other players. (ban from 48 hours or Imprison from 1 hour)
2.3.3. It is forbidden to detain and restrain people. Only the Sheriff has the right to do this until the circumstances are clarified. (Imprison from 1hour)
2.3.4. It is forbidden to blackmail other players. (Imprison from 1hour)
2.4. Do not post images of an intimate nature, insults, provocations, etc. on the signs. (removal traps, ban from 6 hours or imprison)
2.4.1. It is forbidden to put on signs (use in fireworks): flags of countries and the like. (erase, removal traps, ban from 6 hours or imprison)
2.5. Do not provoke other players. (ban from 6 hours or imprison)
2.6. It is forbidden to shoot down a helicopter over safe areas. City, spawn, etc. (ban from 6 hours or imprison)
2.7. It is forbidden to use weapons in the safe area. City, spawn, etc. If nothing threatens your life. (ban from 1 hours or imprison)

3. Behaviour
3.1. It is forbidden to shoot other players on purpose. Exception: Judgment Day. (ban from 1 hours or imprison)

4. Administration

4.1. The administration does not return items lost because of death, rollback, wipe, bug or unplanned restart.
4.2. Do not criticize the Server Administration, as well as its work, and any other services and resources provided by the server. 

5. Server help

5.1. Any donation is voluntary and non-refundable.
5.2. By initiating the donation process, the user confirms his consent not to impose responsibility, possible losses and damage associated with the game server on its owners and administration.

If a dispute arises, the server administration will read the history of your actions and conversations in the game chat.
These rules are general, they can be added / changed / deleted at any time, without your notice.
Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse.
Just be respectful to yourself and other players, rudeness and insults do not make you better.